It was an absolute pleasure to work with Steve Wilkins. He is a thorough professional, well knowledgeable, & understands customer needs. I would recommend him to all my friends

Saurabh & Pradnya

His honesty was so impressive we went with him to buy and sell. Thanks for a great buying and selling experience!

Tara & Wes

Steve was helpful, knowledgeable, and went far beyond our expectations of a realtor. It was such a great pleasure having him as our realtor.

Elizabeth & Rich

Steve was very responsible and had a no quit attitude. I had Steve working all hours/days of the week. Steve is a great realtor and great guy!


We chose Steve Wilkins for his incredible service

Rocio & DJ

Steve is a superstar

Peter & Alicia

Steve is an awesome realtor going well over and above expectations


We are fully satisfied with his work and very impressed by his excellent work ethic!

Genevieve & Gregory

Steve was very good at keeping me in the loop and telling me what to expect. It was a pleasure working with him.


Thanks for all the hard work you put in to getting the house sold. The experience was very painless because you were helping us along

Raj & Dash

Thank you again for all of your professionalism and guidance throughout the process of our first home purchase. You made the experience simple, speedy, and enjoyable

Andy & Stephanie

Thank you for making the whole process of selling our first home as seamless as possible. It was wonderful working with you and we wouldn't hesitate to recommend you to our friends and family in the future

James & Farina

Referral Letter from Clients Gregory & Genevieve

Professional, Honest, Accessible, Prompt and Real.  This is our perception of Steve Wilkins.

Since day one, Steve proved to us that he has in-depth knowledge of the local market, an ability to listen attentively to our expectations and concerns, and the integrity to admit that sometimes he could not answer all our questions right away. That was very honest of him (a very rare trait among agents), and that is one of the reasons we stayed with him for our next transaction. Steve first helped us sell a house, and then buy one. We know that we showered him with many questions. We were very impressed with how promptly he got back to us with the answers.
We found Steve to be very accessible. Sometimes we wondered if he ever slept. From early morning hours to late at night, we could count on Steve to get back to us promptly. He made us feel like we were his only clients. While in our presence, Steve never picked up his phone from his office or another client or even his wife. At that moment, 100% of his attention was on us.
There were long hours searching for a perfect house in a perfect location, numerous private viewings and open houses. On top of it all, was our ever-growing criteria list and Steve was by our side the whole time. This insanely hot real estate market quickly taught us that speed and decisiveness were key to grabbing a good property. Sometimes we felt like we were playing on the stock market and Steve was our stock broker: very quick to act and react.
Steve is not going to dazzle you with an expensive, shiny car or an Armani suit. He will not promise you whatever you want to hear. You certainly will not hear him brag about himself and what an amazing agent he is. Steve felt real to us. He earned his commission honestly by helping us go through the craze and headaches of selling and buying a property. That is the help that he promised us on day one, and that is exactly what he delivered.
As for the money we received from the sale and the price we paid when we bought, let's just say we are very pleased on both counts. Steve proved to be an excellent advisor and a very good negotiator. We came close to accepting some lower offers on our sale, but on Steve's advice we gave him more time to negotiate better offers. As nerve-wracking as it was, it paid off and we are glad we listened. His negotiating skills came to the fore when we bought our next house. This time, as the buying agent, he was instrumental in timing and presenting our offer.
We recommend Steve Wilkins very highly to anyone who is serious about selling or buying a property. We know, that when time comes, we will be contacting Steve again.